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Articles under review / under revision

Moeller, J. (under review). Reasons to avoid z-scores in graphs displaying profile and group differences. Manuscript submitted for publication. PRE-PRINT:

Moeller, J., Ivcevic, Z., White, A. E., Taylor, C., Menges, J. I., Caruso, D., & Brackett, M. A. (under review). Passion for work: What is it, who has it, and does it matter? Manuscript submitted for publication. Preprint:

Other publications

Dumont, H., Brod, G., Hofer, S., & Moeller, J. (2019). Individualized Learning through adaptive teaching. White paper for the Jacobs Foundation.

Ivcevic, Z., Stern, R., Moeller, J. (2019). The truth about burnout: It doesn’t look how we expect it to. The Hill (30.08.2019). Retrieved from’t-look-how-we-expect-it-to

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Media impact

Journals, blogs, and TV channels reported about our recent research on situational variability of task values and competence beliefs in learning situations (Team: Dr. Julia Dietrich, Professor Bärbel Kracke und Professor Jaana Viljaranta), see e.g.,

As a postdoc at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, I was part of a team studying emotions of U.S. high school students and employees. Our “Emotion Revolution” project for high schools was featured in several newspaper articles and blogs.

In a digital article for the Harvard Business Review, we have reported about our findings on motivation and stress in workplaces, the first results of the project “Emotion Revolution in the Workplace” by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Faas Foundation. Our study on co-occurring engagement and burnout was mentioned in the New York Times (May 6th, 2018), as well as The Education Times, India (February 22nd, 2018).
Also, the Matt Townsend Show of BYUradio featured an interview with me about the study (see here for the podcast) and the story was picked up by the ‘Green Apple Podcast’ by John Garrett and Rachel Fish.

Psychology Today is featuring my blog ‘Passion 101’, where I report research findings on motivation.

My research about passion was also mentioned in an article in the journal “Psychologie Heute”:

The Blog On Learning and Development (BOLD) by the Jacobs Foundation has invited me to write about mixed feelings about school. My research on academic emotions has also been mentioned in the Leipziger Volkszeitung.

Updates about my research activities are given on my own blog: